Gosch's X2 Litter, 12/16/2022, Dutch X Skeets

Skeets      Dutch

                           Skeets                                                                Dutch

Update 1/17/2023:  There are individual puppy pictures and 4 week videos at the bottom of the page.  All puppies appear to be sold from this litter.

Update 12/22/2022:  Short puppy video  Dutch had her litter this morning and, if I counted right, she had 6 female and 4 males.  I will be going through the list over the next few days, but all pups are likely to be sold unless a few people back out.  I will add better video or pictures once they get settled in this weekend.



One Day old

A few pictures of the pups at 1 day old.

4 days old

A short video of the males and females at 4 days old.


2 Weeks Old

Individual pictures at 2.5 weeks old

4 Weeks Old

A short video of puppies at 4 weeks old.

6 Weeks Old

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