Gosch's U2 Litter, Dutch X Vito, 8/3/2021

Carlene & Michael R., Female2, Gosch's Uriel
Andy K., Female1, Gosch's Uschi
Olmo S., Male2, Gosch's Unique
Alex H., Male1, Gosch's Ute
Ryan L., Male3, Gosch's Ultimate
Brandt B., Male4, Gosch's Under Wild Skies

Update 9/26/2021

Videos and Photos of the remaining males of the litter.

Update 9/22/2021

Update 9/19/2021

Update 9/11/2021

Update 9/7/2021

Update 8/28/2021

Update 8/26/2021

Update 8/16/2021

Here are some new pictures of the pups at two weeks old.

Update 8/9/2021

We lost the smallest male after trying to keep him going over the last couple of days. The rest are looking very good. We have three males still available.

Update 8/3/2021

Dutch had 2 females and 5 males today. I am working through my list now but should have a male or two available, females are likely sold. Pups are $1600 each.

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