S2 Litter, 1/1/2021, Rogue X Kaiser


Hans B., Female5, Gosch’s Stella Marie
Adam and Kate D., Female4,Gosch’s Sweet Alice
Ryan and Jennifer S., female1, Gosch’s Sadie
Chris G., female2, Gosch’s Speckled Bella
Roland A., female3, Gosch’s Stryker


Sam W., male1, Gosch's Sly Rex
Brent B. and Liza W., male3, Gosch’s Strider
Chris S., male4, Gosch's Special Shaheen
John B., male2, Gosch's Set ‘em up Scout
Daniel P., male5, Gosch's Sidewinder
Jason R., male6, Gosch’s Skyward Bound

Update 1/1/2021

Rogue had her litter today and it was a big one. Here are a few pics of Rogue's puppies.

Video Updates

from 01/02/21 to 01/30/21

Update 1/31/21

Rogue litter individual pics at 4 weeks.

Video Updates

02/01/21 to 02/19/21

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