R2 Litter, 12/27/2020, Jig X Ruger

Donovan H., Gosch’s Rangeland Sage, Female3
Minette J., Gosch’s Rikissa Reesi, Female1
Brett T., Gosch’s Rowdy, Female2

1.Wade D., Gosch’s Ready to Rock, Male2
2. Charles I., Gosch’s Rudee, Male7
3. Jade W., Gosch’s Radar, Male5
4. Victor T., Gosch’s Rufus, Male4
5. Aaron & Kelly M., Gosch’s Rippen Rio, Male3
6. Julie and Stuart S., Gosch’s Ragnarok, Male6
7. Paul & Dixon P., Gosch’s Rooster Booster, Male9
8. Devin W., Gosch’s Ranger, Male1
9. Jason S., Gosch’s Ruger, Male8

Update 12/28/2020

Jig ended up with 12 pups born last night.  She had 3 females and 9 males.

First Pictures of Jig's Litter.

Video Updates

12/30/2020 to 01/30/2021

Update 1/31/2021

Jig litter individual pics at 5 weeks.

Vidoe Updates

02/01/21 to 02/28/21

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