P2 Litter, 2/07/2020, Lexa X Vito

Lexa was bred about a month ago to Vito who was imported by and is owned by Pam Robinson. She is starting to look thicker in the middle so I am thinking the breeding was a success. She is due around Feb 9th, 2020 or so. I have a pretty good list so I will start going down it to see who is interested in a pup from her or will wait until Jig or Splash come in again. Pups are $1200.

This will be Lexa's first litter so I don't have a history on how many pups she may have, her mother averaged about 6 pups per litter.

I have started a list for these litters, please email smallmunster@hotmail.com if you want to be put on the list.


1. Julie and Kenny O. – Male2, Gosch's Pepto Gizmo
2. Doug F. – male4, Gosch's Parker
3. Dean M. - male3, Gosch's Prinz Jaeger
4. Teresa E. - male1, Gosch's Pride of Liberty


1. Pat and Rich H. – Female6, Gosch's Prim Rose
2. Brian C. – Female1, Shipping to NJ
3. Chandler W. – Female4, Gosch's Pheasant Finder
4. Zach L –female5,Gosch's Peregrine
5. Steve W. – female3, Gosch's Phoxy Roxy
6. Houston R. – Female2, Gosch's Pearsall Lady

Update 2/7/20

Lexa had her litter of 10 this morning (a late addition brought us up to 6 females and 4 males after I thought she was done at 9). If the preliminary count is right there are 6 females and 4 males. There are pups available from this litter. Here are a couple pictures of the litter.

Update: 2/13/2020

P2 Litter at 5 days old. There are 1 male and 3 females still available.

Update: 2/19/2020

Here are a few videos and pics of the litter at 12 days. The eyes are just starting to open and they are beginning to move around the box pretty good. I have 1 male and 2 females still available.

Update: 2/27/20

Individual pictures of the pups at 3 weeks old. It looks like all the females are sold, one male still available.

Videos 03/12 to 03/20

All puppies are sold from this litter.

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