A2 Litter, 9/9/14, Elle X Jet

Castiron's Flying Jet A2 Litter Sire

Castiron's Flying Jet

Elle had her litter on Sept 9, 2014. I am in the process of going through my list now to see what is available. She surprised us by having more pups after I thought she was done. She ended up with 7 males and two females.

Current List
1. Michael B. - Female, Gosch's Avery
2. Lars N. - Female Gosch's Aria
3. Josh M. - Male, Gosch's Aston Blu
4. Chris B. - Male, Gosch's Aksel
5. Mike C. - Male, Gosch's Artie
6. Shawn B. - male, Gosch's Adalrik
7. Jim W. - male, Gosch's Alric
8. David M. - male, Gosch's Alexander
9. John S. - male Gosch's Ares

Shipping is possible by air cargo to many locations and runs about $300 to $350. We also have a hip guarantee until the dog is 26 months old which allows plenty of time to do a PennHIP or OFA. If your dog is found to have clinical hip dysplasia the full purchase price will be refunded.

Update: 09/19/14

A2 Litter Photos

Update 9/13/14:

Pups are $1000 each. Here are a few individual pictures at three days old.

Update 9/28/14:

Here are some pics at three weeks old.

Update 10/12/14:

Here are some new pics and a video at almost 5 weeks old.

Update 10/23/14:

Pictures and a video of the pups at 6 weeks.

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