Z Litter, 5/7/14, Speck X Charly



Gosch's Pretty Speck (Speck) was bred with Charly in a repeat breeding of our X Litter from
2013. She was bred for the first time on 3/4/14 so pups should arrive around the week of May
6, 2014 or so. This will be her second litter. They would be ready to go around late June or
early July depending on the actual whelping date. Pups will be $1000 each.

Speck is a tireless dog in the field and has a naturally larger range than some of my other
dogs. She does very well in the larger fields of South Dakota. She is cooperative and checks
in often while quartering across the CRP fields. She has also been used waterfowl hunting in
Iowa and Arkansas.

Update 5/17/14: All the pups are sold from this litter. It looks like Sophie is not bred so our
next litters will be this fall sometime. If you want to be put on the list for the fall litters please
contact me at smallmunster@hotmail.com.

Current List Order:
1. Nate L., Zoey Female1
2. Mike S., Zander-Karlee, Female 3
3. Gerry E., Zip, Female 4
4. Curtis N., Zotti Dottie, Female 2
5. Wade D., Zuby, Female 5

1. James R., Zebulein, Male 2
2. Jackie C., Zeke, Male 6
3.Jason R., Z-Kota, Male 4
4. Katie P., Zylar Stetson, Male 1
5. Jeremy B., Zeus, Male 7
6. Mike N., Z Noyd, male 3
7. Rob L, Zorba, male 5

Update 5/7/14 & Update 5/8/14

Speck had her litter today. She had 7 males and 5 females. I will start down
my list to find out who still wants a pup as soon as I can. I have some pics of 9 of the pups
below. She had two more males and a female after I took the pics. I will add pics of others as
soon as I can.

First pictures of Gosch's Z litter

I have added pics of the two males and last female.

Update 5/11/14

Here are some individual pics of the pups at about 5 days.

Update 5/26/14

Here are some new pics of the pups at about 2.5 weeks old.

Video Updates

6/9/14 & 6/17/14

Update 6/21/14

Here are some individual pics of the pups at about 6 weeks old.

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