Jig (Kupped and Committed), Born 10/26/17

Quick Stats

Color: Brown and White
Height: 21 5/8" Weight: 48 lbs.
PennHIP: 0.30, 0.26
NAVHDA NA: 110 Prize I, Nose: 4; Search: 4; Water: 4; Pointing: 4; Tracking: 3; Desire: 4; Cooperation: 4
Sire: Doctor Leer v Aico
Dam: Gosch's Pretty Speck

Jig is out of our G2 litter and is the same breeding as Rogue. She is very friendly and loves to be with people. She is a medium-range hunter and hunts pheasants, quail, and waterfowl. She was submitted for breeding approval in May of 2019.

Jig Characteristics

Jig Gallery

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