Dori vom Haus Hessling (3/21/04), Died 8/8/2013

Quick Stats

Color: Brown and white
Height: 20.5", Weight: 54 lbs.
PennHIP: Left: 0.41. Right: 0.36, 60th Percentile
NAVHDA NA: 100 Points, Prize III, Nose: 4; Search: 4; Water: 4; Pointing: 2; Tracking: 3; Desire: 4; Cooperation: 3
Sire: Edgar von der Gunz
Dam: Inge vom Hummling
Previous Litters: "I" Litter

She has a very nice search and covers the field with a purpose. Like many Small Munsterlanders Dori She didn't point the planted birds very well, but the judges didn't seem too worried about that.
She scored 12: excellent (rarely given out, must be extraordinary circumstances)
11-9: very good
8-6: good
5-3: sufficient
2-1: deficient
0: insufficient

When it came time to run Dori in the NAVHDA NA test we were worried about the pointing as they seem to judge the pointing more strictly than the VJP test does. When the field search started she immediately pointed to two quail. She held the first point for several seconds then the bird flushed. 30 seconds after that she locked up in a beautiful point that she held while I walked the 25 yards to her and kicked the grass until the quail flew up. It was an excellent point that would have earned her a 4 in pointing except that the wet grass made it so the bird only flew 10 yards and then landed again. She caught it instantly and after playing with it for a few minutes brought it back to me. If she had not found any other birds in the field she would have probably gotten a Prize I with a score of well over 100 points. As it was she proceeded to show that she has a tremendous desire, a very good nose, and an excellent search and she cleaned the field finding, and not really pointing, 4 more quail and bringing them back. She ended up with a 2 in pointing which was a fair score for her performance. While she doesn't point as much as some of our other dogs, she has developed a very solid point when she manages to pin a rooster. She naturally holds point as well as most SM's I have ever seen and she almost never has unproductive points.
the role of our main duck dog while Abbey was with a litter and Anna was in Lincoln with my brother. She did so well that we also took her with us to hunt the flooded fields and timber of Arkansas in January 2007. She has shown good marking abilities and has tremendous determination on the longer water retrieves.

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