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FCI Small Munsterlander Breed Standard
Early German bird dogs were bred more for function than for form. Popular throughout
England and Germany, the small Munsterlander is an all-purpose pointing and retrieving gun
dog that performs well in utility and field trials. It is a pointer rather than a flusher that also
does well in obedience. Although bred to withstand pressure, the breed can be soft in nature
and eager to please. As with all hunting dogs, small Munsterlanders need adequate exercise.
They are good with children and other dogs. The small Munsterlander is by nature a happy
dog and is a very good house dog.
ORIGIN : Germany.
CLASSIFICATION FCI : Group 7 Pointing dogs
Section 1.2 Continental pointing dogs, Type "Spaniel" With working trial.

SIZE : Height at shoulder : Dogs 52 to 56 cm / Bitches 50 to 54 cm. Permitted tolerance in height
plus or minus 2cm (measuring allowance).

COLOUR : Brown, white, white ticked with brown (roan); tan markings permitted on muzzle and
eyes (Jungklaus markings).

HEAD : Noble, dry, slightly rounded. Skull not too broad, with slight stop. Expression is part of

MUZZLE : Strong, long, nasal bridge straight. Short, well fitting lips. Noseleather brown;
flesh-coloured patches on noseleather undesirable.

LEATHERS (Ears): Broad, set on high, close fitting, running to a point. Must not reach too far
beyond edge of lips. Short haired, smooth leathers are a fault.

EYES : As dark brown as possible. Eyelids lying close to eye balls and covering haw. Entropion,
ectropion and bird of prey eyes are faults.

NECK : Medium length.
Crest of Neck : Muscular and slightly arched.

Chest : Deep and roomy, not barrel shaped.
Back :Firm, medium length, with broad firm loin.
Abdomen : Only slight tuck up.
Skin : Taut.

COAT : Sleek, dense, medium length, hardly wavy, close fitting.

Front legs : Straight, feathered.
Hind legs : Well angulated, feathered.

FEET : Round, arched, tightly knit. Too much hair is undesirable.

TAIL : Medium length, with plume, carried straight out. Last third may be lightly curved upwards.

GENERAL IMPRESSION : Strong with great nobility and elegance.

FAULTS : Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the
seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree.

N.B. : Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.
Minimum Requirements for Breeding
Both dogs should have qualified in a NAVHDA Natural Ability Field test or its equivalent.