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Speck (Gosch's Pretty Speck), Born 8/2/09
Quick Stats

Color: Roan
Height: 20.5" , Weight: 54 lbs.
PennHIP: Left 0.19, Right 0.15
NAVHDA NA: 96 Prize III, Nose: 4; Search: 4; Water: 2;
Pointing: 4; Tracking: 4; Desire:
3; Cooperation: 3
Sire: Hunting Hills Gunnar
Dam: Davis' Abbey
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Speck is a female out of our "P" litter.  She did well in the NA test except that she doesn't like dummies much
so her water score was a 2.  She would have scored a high prize I except she wouldn't go in for the dummy so
she could only earn a max of a Prize III for using a bird for the water portion.  She was run in NA test for us
by Pam Robinson and Kris Hill.

Speck is a tireless dog in the field and has a naturally larger range than some of my other dogs.  She does very
well in the larger fields of South Dakota.  She is cooperative and checks in often while quartering across the
CRP fields.  She has also been used waterfowl hunting in Iowa and Arkansas.  She is rotated in and out of the
house and she had her first litter in the house.  She is very affectionate and loves to be around people as much
as possible.