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Sophie (Gosch's On Point), Born 7/24/09

Color: Roan
Height:  19.5", Weight:  46 lbs.
OFA: Good, SMU-124G31F-PI
NAVHDA NA: 94 Prize III, Nose: 4; Search: 2; Water: 4;
Pointing: 4; Tracking: 3; Desire:
3; Cooperation: 3
Sire: Charly von Sandloh
Dam: Anna vom Haus Hessling
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Sophie is a closer working dog that lives with my brother in Missouri most of the time.  She is a full time house
dog.  She is very cooperative and excels in the fields and the duck blind.  She is on the smaller end of the breed
standard so we usually select males that are slightly above average.  She is a very friendly dog and loves to be with
people.  She gets a lot of work being my brothers main hunting dog.  She is hunted in Missouri, Iowa, South
Dakota, and Arkansas on pheasants and waterfowl.