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Echo and her Pups
We had our first Small Munsterlander litter in December
of 1996.  We breed only breed proven hunting stock; we
hunt our dogs extensively here in Iowa and in South
Dakota, Missouri, and Arkansas.  We sell puppies only to
hunting homes.  We have placed puppies in homes from
California to New Jersey and Texas to Canada.
We encourage NAVHDA testing. This helps us evaluate our breeding program. All of our
personal dogs have been tested. We also strive to place our puppies into loving, hunting

When emailing for information about obtaining a puppy, here are a few things that we would
like to know about you:

1. What do plan on hunting with your Small Munsterlander?
2. Do you plan on testing (NAVHDA, other) your Small Munsterlander?
3. Are you looking for a breeding prospect?
4. Are you interested in a male, female, or undecided?
5. What time frame are you looking at for a puppy?
6. Please include all of your contact information.

These questions will help us to place the right puppy with you.
*Note*-- Bird Hunting homes are
given priority over non-hunting homes.

Pictures and video of our previous litters.
Our Current Litters
I am not warranting the puppies sold by these or any breeders that were referred to you
through this site. It is the buyer's responsibility to discuss all matters with the breeder prior to
making a deposit and purchasing your puppy.

Here is a list of breeders expecting in the near future:

South Dakota, Dean Rasmussen, email:
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Litters from Other Breeders
Update 11/17/17:  The pups got their first taste of the outside world today, they didn't think a lot
of it, but mom was there to smooth things over.  Here are some
pics at 3 weeks.

Update 11/7/2017: Here are some pics at almost two weeks old.  

Update 10/26/17:  
Speck's litter arrived today starting at midnight last night and she was done
around 1:00PM this afternoon.  She had 11, but one female was born dead and she had two really
small pups that are not looking good at this point.  She has 5 females and 3 males that are looking
good though.   This whelping took longer than her other litters which I believe contributed to the
female that was born dead.  She had several that had 2 hours plus in between pups.  Over the next
couple days I will be going over the list and nailing it down.  
Pictures added 9/27.

10/24/17:  Speck has still not had her litter, but she is very close.  Pistol has not been getting
very big so I decided to do an x-ray to see what was going on and it showed that she is not
pregnant and that her ultrasound was wrong.  
So Pistol will not be having a litter and we may
try again in a few months when she comes in again.

Update 9/27/17:
 Both Pistol and Speck had their ultrasound's today.  Both showed pups, with
Speck showing several and Pistol two.  Ultrasound's are not very reliable for counting so the
numbers could be off.  Now we wait for the end of October when the pups arrive and see what
they have.  

Update 8/29/17:  Both Speck and Pistol came into heat last over the last couple weeks.  Pistol
stalled out so it took several weeks, but she was finally bred to Zandor on 8/23/17.  This is a
repeat of our
B2 and H2 Litters and she will be due on 10/25/17.

Speck came in a few days after Pistol, but was bred first.  She was bred to Doc starting on
8/18/2017.  This will be a repeat of our
G2 Litter and she will be due around October 20th.

Depending on litter size there should be pups available.  Please email me for more info or to get on
the list.  

Update 8/12/17:  Pistol is in heat and we are planning to breed her to Zandor this coming week.  
Her last two litters have been small so I am not planning on her having a large litter, but she has had
large litters in the past.
Shipping is possible by air cargo to many locations and runs about $350 including crate.  We
also have a hip guarantee until the dog is 26 months old which allows plenty of time to do a
PennHIP or OFA.  If your dog is found to have clinical hip dysplasia the full purchase price will
be refunded and you will be allowed to keep your dog.