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Gosch Kennels Personal Gundogs
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each dog.
Abbey: One of our foundation females, born on 4/9/01 and died on 1/9/2018.
Anna: One of our foundation females imported from Germany, born 11/18/01, died 10/29/16.
Dori: Female imported from Germany in 2004. Died on August 8, 2013
Grace: Hunting dog and family pet.  Born 4/4/05 and died 5/25/19
Past Gundogs
Whip: Our first Small Munsterlander and stud dog, Died on 11/25/05.
Echo: One of our first females, she whelped 3 litters, Died on 1/8/05.
Akita: Our first female bought as adult.  Died in October 2002
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Buddy: Our retired stud dog. Died December 2010.
Nikki: Retired breeding female and my full-time house dog.
Elle: Retired breeding female living with a friend in northern Iowa.
Speck: Current breeding female
Oreo: Hunting dog and family pet, born 7/24/09 and died 5/30/18.
Pistol: Retired breeding female.
Sophie: Retired breeding female, lives in Missouri with my brother.
Splash: Current breeding female
Rogue: Female approved for breeding in March 2019.
Lexa: Applied for breeding approval April 2019.
Jig: Applied for breeding approval May 2019.