K Litter, Anna X Buddy, Born January 14, 2007
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2/1/07 Pictures of Individual Pups

A few pictures:  Pups  Pups2  Pups3  Pups4  Pups5  Pups6  Pups7

Pups at 2 Days: Male1  Male2  Male3  Female1  Female2  Female3  Female4

Please note that some of the smaller white marks on the pups will probably disappear as they
age.   The brown hair will grow over the some of the white marks.  

Anna and Buddy (Brendan Boy v O'meara/Sengpiel) bred the week of November 9, 2006 and if
the breeding takes there should be pups around January 10, 2007.   

Anna is a German import that has turned into one of our best dogs.  She is hunted extensively in
Iowa and South Dakota on pheasants, quail, dove, ducks, and geese.  She hunts close to the gun,
has good cooperation, works extremely hard in the field and loves to retrieve.  While she started a
little slow on waterfowl she has picked it up nicely, on one occasion in SD last year she retrieved
her first snow goose.  On that same day she brought back 26 more in mud up to 6 inches deep in
a large field hunt.  My brother had her on that hunt and she would follow birds that drifted up to
almost a half mile away before dropping and return with the goose 10 to 15 minutes later.  She is
also a full-time house dog and often sleeps with family members when she isn't too dirty from her
day in the field.  
Anna's page has more info on her as well.
Anna's previous two litters were sired by
Whip, our stud dog, but after he passed away in an
accident last year we began our search for his replacement.  Since we were very happy with both
litters he and Anna produced we tried to find a dog with his same lineage.  While we looked at
several nice dogs that were related in our search we decided to got back to the source.  We
contacted June Knowlton-Sengpiel and found that she still had Whip's litter mate, Buddy, and we
decided that you couldn't get any closer to Whip than his brother.  Buddy has been extensively
NAVHDA tested to the highest levels and done well in all.  Buddy was born in a litter of 4, three
males and one female, all of which received NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize I's.  This same litter is
also the only current Small Munsterlander litter to receive a NAVHDA Utility Test Breeders
Award.  He qualified twice for the NAVHDA Invitational with two Prize I Utility scores, but only
ran in one Invitational with a No Pass.  Buddy has a friendly temperament, listens well, and hunts
Color: Brown and white
PennHIP: Left 0.41, Right 0.41
Search:     2; Water: 4;  Pointing: 4; Tracking:
4;               Desire: 2; Cooperation: 3
Sire: Oscar vom Falkenstein
Dam: Ilka vom Teichhof
Previous Litters: "F" Litter 2003, "G" Litter
Height: 21", Weight: 58 lbs
OFA: Good MU-121G25M      
NAVHDA: NA: 108 Prize I; UT: 190 Prize
I; 2000 Invitational: 151 points No Pass;     
2002 Invitational: Qualified, Did Not Run
Sire: Jeiko vom Jakobsbrunnen
Dam: Blanka v Krieger