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A source of Information on the Small Munsterlander Pointer
Echo Off the Dock
Welcome to the Gosch Kennels Home page! In case you didn't notice we raise the best
hunting dogs in the world (our world anyway), the Small Munsterlander. At present we have
11 of these great dogs: Rogue, Epic, Sage, Dutch, Jig, Nikki, Lexa, Speck, Sophie,
Splash, and Nani. Located in western Iowa we hunt our dogs extensively on wild Iowa
and South Dakota pheasants, quail, ducks, and a few geese.  We have owned this breed
since 1996.  Check out the
Puppies section for the latest on our planned litters. You can
contact us at
The Small Munsterlander is a one of the newest versatile hunting breeds to gain popularity in
the  United States. While they are relatively new here in the U.S., they have been around in
Germany and Europe since the 13th or 14th century. There are several books on the SMP,
unfortunately, they are currently only available in German.  In Europe the SM is bred to find,
point, track, and retrieve upland birds, waterfowl, and fur-bearing animals. In the U.S. they
are mainly used for upland and waterfowl hunting.  In general, they are highly intelligent and
capable dogs. They have very good noses and are excellent in the water. They will naturally
point, track, and retrieve (on land and/or in water) game.
They make very good family and house dogs and are very good with children. Their
low-keyed temperament makes them an ideal candidate for a house-dog. The Small
Munsterlander is a very personable dog and will make a great addition to any loving, hunting
home. We try our best to sell our pups to hunting homes, since we don't believe that it is fair
to the dog or the owner that the dog not be hunted. These dogs are bred from the best
hunting stock we can find and that is what they are meant to do. We believe that keeping a
dog from doing what comes naturally to it would be a grave injustice to the dog.
We are currently members of the Small Munsterlander Club of North America and the North
American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA). We encourage all small
Munsterlander owners to have their dogs NAVHDA tested and become members of the Small
Munsterlander Club of North America.
The Small Munsterlander Club of North America has a Breed Council and a newsletter.  For a
look at my dogs complete NAVHDA pedigrees go to the
"Personal Gundogs" section.  I have
links to pictures, certifications, and some video of all of our dogs there as well.
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Sophie after a morning duck hunt
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Small Munsterlanders after a pheasant hunt
Echo jumping off the dock, Small Munsterlander at work
Echo jumping off the dock, Small Munsterlander at work
Puppies due in
early March 2022.  
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