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Buddy (Brendan Boy v Omeara/Sengpiel), Born Feb 17, 1996, Died 12/23/10
Quick Stats

Color: Brown and white
OFA: Good MU-121G25M      
NAVHDA: NA: 108 Prize I; UT: 190 Prize
I;      2000 Invitational: 151 points No
Pass;            2002 Invitational: Qualified, Did
Not Run
Sire: Jeiko vom Jakobsbrunnen
turns out she still had Whip's litter mate, Brendan Boy (call name Buddy), available for stud.  
This was just what we were looking for since you can't get any closer to Whip's line than his
brother.  It was while we were making plans to bring our female out to Wisconsin to get bred
While she didn't want to sell him she wanted him to have a good home where he could get some
hunting in and continue on the Sengpiel line.  We were very honored that she decided that we
were the right people to take Buddy and will do our very best with him.  It is hard to believe that
buy then (we chose between Whip and Buddy in 1996).  
Buddy has been extensively tested in NAVHDA including a Prize I in Natural Ability, Utility, and
he also ran in the 2000 Invitational and qualified for the 2002 Invitational, but didn't run.       
Buddy is available for
stud via frozen semen.  
Buddy Progeny NAVHDA Testing Information

Buddy sired 14 pups in three litters before we bought him in 2006.  Of those, 8 were tested at
the NA level.  5 pups received a Prize II, 2 pups a Prize III, and one pup with No Prize.  One
was tested at the UT level and received a UT III.  
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