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Abbey (Davis' Abbey) Born April 9, 2001 - Died January 9, 2018
Quick Stats
Color: Brown and white
Height: 21", Weight: 48 lbs.
PennHIP: Left 0.38, Right 0.33
NAVHDA NA: 94 Prize III, Nose: 4; Search: 2; Water: 4;
Pointing: 4; Tracking: 4; Desire:
3; Cooperation: 2
Sire: Merker vom Flachsberg
Dam: Lana v Flachsberg
Previous Litters:  Previous Litters
We bought Abbey in June of 2001 and while both of her
parents are German imports she was born in Colorado.  
Right from the beginning Abbey showed a tremendous desire
to retrieve and love of the water.  Even as a 10 week old pup she would retrieve bumpers back to
hand virtually every time and this continues today.  She also quickly showed that she was
comfortable in the water when she swam without hesitation the first time she was introduced to the
Abbey was NAVHDA Natural Ability tested in May of 2002 where she earned 94 points and a
Prize III.  She surprised us on Test day by running wild for the first five minutes of her field search
which not only tired her out, but hurt her cooperation score as well.  Normally, she is a dog that
sticks close with excellent cooperation, but on that day she decided to go for a run on her own.  
Abbey had the bad luck to have her first season come in 2001 when pheasant numbers were the
lowest that we have seen following the record breaking winter of 2000.  It was tough finding birds
so she didn't get a whole lot of finds and retrieves, but she did learn how to get in the cover.  
2002 was a little better, but was still far from normal, Abbey started to come on and really started
getting pheasant hunting down.  The bird numbers rebounded in 2003 and we took Abbey duck
hunting for the first time.  We had started hunting ducks the year before with Echo and decided to
give Abbey a try at it.  Abbey turned out to be a natural duck dog.  It took virtually no training to
get her to sit beside us on the bank and wait for the ducks.  The first time she went in the duck
boat she stuck her head out the dog door and sat there for two hours watching the decoys.  When
we shot a duck she jumped out the swinging door, brought it back, soaked all of us when she
shook off, then went back to the dog door and looked out.  That was our first try "training" to sit
in the duck boat.  Her first year duck hunting she brought back quite a few ducks and had a
chance for one goose that someone else shot in the water, but she just swam around barking at it.  
Once the goose was on shore she did pick it up and carry it around.  Our duck hunting success
didn't last into 2004, it was poor hunting all over the state with tons of rain during the September
season that spread the ducks out everywhere and a migration that never really happened for the
rest of the season.  We managed only 11 ducks and it wasn't for lack of trying.  The pheasant
hunting was pretty good and Abbey had firmly established herself as one of our best hunting dogs.  
She started to get a majority of the hunting time as our
older dogs began to slow down a bit.
2005 started out really well with an excellent early
duck season and prospects of a really good pheasant
season.  With three younger dogs around that needed
a bunch of work Abbey was our first choice to hunt
with the young pups.  Abbeys good nature, slower
pace, natural honoring (most of the time anyways),
and propensity for holding long points makes her a
good dog to have along while the young ones are still figuring things out.
The 2005 season turned out to be our best ever with both ducks and pheasants in pretty high
numbers especially compared to a few years previous.  We did very well during our duck season
with Abbey bringing back over 30 ducks and she finally got a chance to redeem herself on Giant
Canada geese.  We managed to get two to come into a land spread and she brought them both
back, one dead and one still alive.  Pheasant hunting was excellent as well with bird numbers being
as high as we've seen them since the "Good Old Days" of the mid 1990's.  Even while sharing the
load with three younger dogs Abbey still got the jump on a bunch of pheasants that the young ones
didn't beat her to.  One of the highlights of the season was on the last day of the pheasant season
we watched Abbey hold point on a rooster for 10 minutes down in a creek.  We even managed to
kill it when it flew after my brother went in and flushed it.  Not bad for a dog that has never been
whoa broke.  
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