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Gosch's "V" Litter, Born 8/20/12, Sophie X LB
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Update 9-19-12: A new video of the pups at 4 weeks old (youtube)

Update 8-28-12: A few new pictures

Update 8-22-12: A few individual pictures

Update 8-21-12: New pics at one day old.

Update 8-20-12:  Sophie had her litter the morning of 8-20-12.  She had four pups and all were

First pictures

Sophie was bred to LB during the week of June 18 so there will hopefully be pups in mid August.  
Sophie is on the lower end of the breed standard so we bred her with LB who is on the upper
end.  Sophie is also closer working and LB is a little farther out so it should be a nice complement
to each other.  Both love the water and both are house dogs.

It will take 5 to 6 weeks to know for sure she is bred and I am starting a list of those interested in a
pup now.  This will be both Sophie and LB's first litter so I don't have any idea of how many she
might have.