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Gosch's R2 Litter, Jig X Ruger, 12/27/2020
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2/18: Rogue's litter video with last Jig male

Update 2/10: Puppies out in the snow.

Update 2/2: Another short puppy video.

Update 2/1: Here is a short video of both litters out running around.

Update 1/31:  Jig litter individual pics at 5 weeks.

Update 1/30/2021:  Here are some videos of both litters. Jig litter females and males 1, 2, 3.             
Jig litter males 4 thru 9.   Rogue litter females.  Rogue litter males.  Misc puppy video.

Update 1/21/21: Rogue's litter at 2 weeks video.   Jig's litter at almost 3 weeks old.

Update 1/8/2021:  Jig's litter at 12 days.  Rogue's litter at one week.

Update 12/30/2020:  Rogue is due any time and looks very large so there is a good chance she will
have a good sized litter as well.  
Here is a video that shows each of Jig's puppies individually.

Update 12/28/2020:  Jig ended up with 12 pups born last night.  She had 3 females and 9 males.  .

First Pictures of Jig's Litter.

Donovan H., Gosch’s Rangeland Sage, Female3
Minette J., Gosch’s Rikissa Reesi, Female1
Brett T., Gosch’s Rowdy, Female2

1.Wade D., Gosch’s Ready to Rock, Male2
2. Charles I., Gosch’s Rudee, Male7
3. Jade W., Gosch’s Radar, Male5
4. Victor T., Gosch’s Rufus, Male4
5. Aaron & Kelly M., Gosch’s Rippen Rio, Male3
6. Julie and Stuart S., Gosch’s Ragnarok, Male6
7. Paul & Dixon P., Gosch’s Rooster Booster, Male9
8. Devin W., Gosch’s Ranger, Male1
9. Jason S., Gosch’s Ruger, Male8