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Gosch's "Q" Litter, Nikki X Austin, Born 9-16-10
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All puppies from this litter are now sold.  If you are interested in a pup Elle will be having a litter
around Thanksgiving, details below.

Update 9-29-10:
Puppy pics at 12 days old.  Special thanks to Kris Hill and Bev Turner for taking
these pictures on their visit to see the pups.  Is should also be noted that the Halloween fingernails
were Bev's and not mine!

Update 9-19-10: I have added several pictures of the pups.  
Male1  Male2  Female1  Female2  Female3  Female4  Female5  Litter5  Litter6  Litter7

Update 9/16/10: Nikki had her litter on 9-16-10 all are looking good.  She had 5 females and 2
males.  I have one male and one or two females available.  

Picture 1     Picture 2     Picture 3     Picture 4

Nikki was bred to Austin during the week of 7/15/10.

Austin is a litter-mate to our female
Abbey. Austin has done very well in the NAVHDA system with
a 112 Prize I in the Natural Ability test and two Prize I Utility test scores.  He also ran in the
NAVHDA Invitational and did well, but didn't pass.  Here is what his owners and trainers have to
say about him:

"Austin is one of the most stable dogs that we have had the pleasure to train and hunt
behind.  A stable dog is a dog that can be put in any situation and not have an adverse
reaction.  Austin is a dog that will lay quietly in his run when the other dogs are being
trained, not jumping around, biting at the fence and making a lot of noise.  When you teach
him something, you rarely have to re-teach.  When we were preparing him for the NAVHDA
natural ability test he would point and catch five birds and go point five more.  It didn’t
matter how many birds he caught, he always came right back and pointed.  His performance
in the NAVHDA Utility Test was great, he earned a Utility Prize I two tests in a row the last
prize one was a 204!  Austin’s hips are certified from PennHIP,  left is .46 and right is .42"

Please contact me with any other questions or if you are interested in a pup.