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Gosch's Q2 Litter, Splash X Ruger, Born 4/20/2020
Update 6/2: 6 week video of the pups.

Update 5/26/2020: A video of the puppies at 5 weeks old.

Update 5/15/20: A short video of the pups outside on the grass for the first time at 3.5 weeks old.

Update 5/10/20: Puppy pictures at 3 weeks old.

Update 4/29: New pictures of the puppies at 10 days.

Update 4/24/20:  We lost one female at a day old and the other 3 females and the male are sold.  I will
post new pics in the next few days.

Update 4/20/2020: Splash had her litter this morning.  She had 4 females and 1 male.  I am going
through my list now.  It looks like all the pups will be sold.