I am not warranting the puppies sold by these or any breeders that were referred to you
through this site. It is the buyer's responsibility to discuss all matters with the breeder prior to
making a deposit and purchasing your puppy.

Here is a list of breeders expecting in the near future:

South Dakota, Dean Rasmussen, email: fbureau@itctel.com
Gosch's P2 Litter, Lexa X Vito, Born 2/7/2020
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Litters from Other Breeders
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Shipping is possible by air cargo to many locations and runs about $400 including crate.  We
also have a hip guarantee until the dog is 26 months old which allows plenty of time to do a
PennHIP or OFA.  If your dog is found to have clinical hip dysplasia the full purchase price will
be refunded and you will be allowed to keep your dog.  
3/21/20: All puppies are sold from this litter.  Male1 and male2 at 6 weeks.  Male 3 and 4.     
Female1, 2, and 3.  Female 4, 5, and  6.

3/12/20:  A short video of the pups at 4.5 weeks old.

2/27/20: Individual pictures of the pups at 3 weeks old.  It looks like all the females are sold, one male
still available.

2/19: Here are a few videos and pics of the litter at 12 days.  Pups video.  Males video.  Females
video. The eyes are just starting to open and they are beginning to move around the box pretty good.  I
have 1 male and 2 females still available.

P2 Litter at 5 days old. There are 1 male and 3 females still available.

Update 2/7/20: Lexa had her litter of 10 this morning (a late addition brought us up to 6 females and 4
males after I thought she was done at 9). If the preliminary count is right there are 6 females and 4
males.  There are pups available from this litter.
Here are a couple pictures of the litter.

Lexa was bred about a month ago to Vito who was imported by and is owned by Pam Robinson.  She
is starting to look thicker in the middle so I am thinking the breeding was a success.  She is due around
Feb 9th, 2020 or so.  I have a pretty good list so I will start going down it to see who is interested in a
pup from her or will wait until Jig or Splash come in again.  Pups are $1200.

This will be Lexa's first litter so I don't have a history on how many pups she may have, her mother
averaged about 6 pups per litter.

I have started a list for these litters, please email
smallmunster@hotmail.com if you want to be put on the


1. Julie and Kenny O. – Male2, Gosch's Pepto Gizmo
2. Doug F. – male4, Gosch's Parker
3. Dean M. - male3, Gosch's Prinz Jaeger
4. Teresa E. - male1, Gosch's Pride of Liberty


1. Pat and Rich H. – Female6, Gosch's Prim Rose
2. Brian C. – Female1, Shipping to NJ
3. Chandler W. – Female4, Gosch's Pheasant Finder
4. Zach L –female5,Gosch's Peregrine
5. Steve W. – female3, Gosch's Phoxy Roxy
6. Houston R. – Female2, Gosch's Pearsall Lady