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Gosch's O2 Litter, Rogue X Zandor, Born 8/16/2019
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List Order:

Deane C. - female6, Gosch's Oana
2. Cori C. - Female4
, Gosch's Oaklee
3. Cam S. - female2
, Gosch's Olita
4. Murray R. - female1
, Gosch's Oriole
5. Kelly S. - female5
, Gosch's Odiana
6. Corey R. - female3
, Gosch's Ottie

1. Robert C. - male5
, Gosch's Outstanding Oakley
2. Aaron B. - male3
, Gosch’s Out Front
3. Garrett S. - male1
, Gosch’s Orion
4. Daniel B. - male4
, Gosch’s Olin
5. Dutch R. - male2
, Gosch’s Ollie

all pups are sold from this litter.  

10/6/19: Video of the remaining 8 pups out in the CRP at a little over 7 weeks.

9/29/19:  I have added videos of the puppies at 6 weeks old.  Females 1, 2, and 3.  Females 4, 5, and 6.  
Males 1, 2, and 3  Males 4 and 5.

9/22/19: Individual puppy pictures at 5 weeks old.

9/19/19: Video of the pups at 5 weeks old.

9/16/19: Video of the pups outside at 4 weeks.  Video of the pups and kids at 4 weeks.

9/4/19:  There are two male and three female puppies available from Rogue's litter.  Individual pictures of
the puppies at almost 3 weeks old.

8/26/19: O2 litter at 10 days.

8/20/19: O2 litter individual pictures at 4 days old.

8/18/19:  Here are some pictures of the O2 litter.  We had 13 live puppies (a 14th born dead), but lost one
male last night.  He never had the same vigor as the others and was not very interested in eating.  I have
another small female that I am keeping a close eye on, but she seems to be doing pretty well despite her
small size. There are 6 males and 6 females.

8/16/19:  Rogue had her litter this afternoon/evening.  She had a really large litter of 13 so we will have to
see how that goes with her being a first time mother.  I think my count of 6 females and 7 males is correct,
but I may have miscounted.  I have males and females available from this litter.