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Gosch's "N" Litter, Anna X Fritz, born 4/26/08
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Pictures of last available female puppy.

First Pictures.

5 Week Old Pics added 6/2/08

Gosch Kennels is pleased to announce the breeding of our female Anna vom Haus Hessling to
Jeiko vom Jakobsbrunnen.  This was a breeding done by surgical insemination with frozen semen at
the Iowa State University Teaching Hospital.  This is the first Fritz sired litter available in a decade.  
We are keeping three pups from this litter and have two females still available.  We are looking for
loving homes where the new owners will be committed to hunting and NAVHDA testing their
pups.  Price is $1500.  Please contact us at for more information.

Both Anna and Fritz were imported from Germany.  Fritz is unrivaled in terms of the impact he has
had on the Small Munsterlander breed in the United States.  He can be found in the pedigree of
many of the dogs that have been produced here in the States and for good reason.  While he was a
great dog in his own right, his true value comes in his ability to pass his qualities on to his progeny.  
According to SMCNA testing database information Fritz has sired 79 puppies to date.  Of those,
30 have been run in the NAVHDA Natural Ability test. 9 pups received Prize I scores, 7 pups
received Prize II scores, 3 pups received Prize III scores, 5 received No Prize and 6 were tested
for evaluation only. At the Utility level Fritz pups were also very successful with 8 different Fritz
pups having been UT tested 4 receiving a Prize I, one receiving a Prize II and Prize III,
respectively, and two not passing.  His 1996 litter was also a UT Breeders Award litter, the first of
only two ever earned by a Small Munsterlander litter.  Fritz sired 4 dogs that ran in the Invitational
with one, VC Hans, passing.  It is hard to imagine what his progeny could have done in todays
environment where NAVHDA testing is common and trainers, both pro and amateur, have more
experience running and training for the tests.  

When you expand the record to include dogs that Fritz is the grandfather of the list increases
exponentially.  When I researched the testing records for this litter there were 91 dogs listed that
had run NAVHDA Utility tests. Fritz was the father of 8 and the grandfather of 17 including the
second Small Munsterlander to earn a Versatile Champion title, VC Bayside Run's Boudoin.  In the
Natural Ability test the list is almost too long to count (I got to 69 from 4 of Fritz's pups before I

Due to the quality and the scarcity of the available Fritz semen we did not come to the decision to
use Anna as the female for this litter lightly.  We evaluated all of our females and kept coming back
to Anna's blend of personality, temperament, structure, and hunting ability as the best choice for this
breeding.  She has been one of our top performers since her second season and averages 30 trips
in the field per year.  Anna has proven herself in the field countless times on pheasants, quail,
waterfowl, and doves.  She is excellent in the water and has a very good, solid point.  If she has  
weaknesses it would be Canada geese (on the two or three she has gotten a chance to retrieve she
has not) and she is pretty vocal.  She has done well on snow geese bring back 27 on one day in
South Dakota, her first snow goose hunt.  

Anna's sire, dam. and littermates have done well in testing in Germany.  Her sire, Oscar vom
Falkenstein, did very well in the VJP scoring a 75, a 191 in the HZP, a 188 in the B-HZP, and a
308 in the VGP.  Her dam, Ilka vom Teichhof, scored a 66 in the VJP and a very good 322 in the
Anna's Litter mate results from Germany:
– HD frei, HQ 1,00, no more information available
Anton – HD frei, HQ, DGStB.54124, Spl, HN, VJP (72 points), HZP (191 points) VGP(318
points /3. price /ÜF), european breeding show: European winner with excellent, breeding show: SG-
V-54 (very good-excellent with 54 cm hight)
Artus – no information available
Alpha – HD frei, HQ 1,03, Spl, HN, VJP (72), HZP (191), SG-V-50 (very good-excellent with
50 cm hight)
Alessa – HD frei, HQ 0,95, Spl, LN, VJP (63), HZP (179), G-SG-53 (good-very good with 53
cm hight)
Andra– HD frei, DGStB.53517  Spl, HZP/olE(140), VJP(70), HZP(186), VGP(301/1.PR/TF),
Aika - Spl, VJP(65), HZP(174)

We are looking for serious hunting homes that will test at the Natural Ability level and would prefer
them to test at the Utility level as well.  Normally we don't require testing, but due to the
circumstances of our getting the frozen semen we are going to be more stringent on this point.  For
more info please contact me at

Other Info:

All of our pups are vet checked and are current on their shots with dew claws removed before
leaving for their new homes.  We also recommend taking you pup to the vet within three days after
it arrives.  We guarantee the hips of our pups until 26 months old and require PennHIP for the
testing method. If a refund for genetic health issue is ever needed we will refund up to the purchase
price of the dog and allow you to keep the dog, but we will not be responsible for any vet bills
incurred.  No other warranty is either expressed or implied.  For any questions please let me know.
While we prefer local pickup, we do ship out of Omaha, Nebraska and prefer Continental Airlines
when possible.  Northwest is also available if the temperature restrictions are not in place.  Shipping
usually runs around $250 paid by the buyer.
A very pregnant Anna
Jeiko vom Jakobsbrunnen (Fritz)