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LB (Gosch's Pronto), Born 8/2/09
Quick Stats

Color: Brown and White
Height:  56.5 cm, Weight: 62  lbs.
PennHIP:  Left 0.31, Right 0.25
NAVHDA NA: 110 Prize I, Nose: 4; Search: 4; Water: 4;
Pointing: 4; Tracking: 4; Desire:
4; Cooperation: 3
Sire: Hunting Hills Gunnar
Dam: Davis' Abbey
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Gosch's Pronto (call name "LB") is a full-time house dog and he lives with a friend of mine in Denison.  He is
very friendly and gets along good with my other dogs.  I usually take him to South Dakota about once a year
to hunt pheasants and my friend also takes him out in Iowa pheasant hunting.  He has a very nice search in the
field and did very well on his NA test with very little work.  He is very good in the water and has a nice point.  
He is cooperative in the field and has tremendous stamina and strength.  He is near the top of the height
standard so I will breed him with smaller females.