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L2 Litter, Born 2/19/18, Splash X Ukon
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1 Chayste S., female1, Gosch's Lil Beretta
2 Caiden J., female4, Gosch’s Lyrical Phoenix
3 Keith W., female5, Gosch's Lady Skye
4 John C., female 3, Gosch’s Liberty
5 John O., female2, Gosch's Lorde Mila

1 Libby B., male3, Gosch's Lefty
2 Justin P., male1, Gosch's Leonidas Prime
3 Doug R., male2, Gosch's Louie

4/7/18: Males at 6 weeks   Females at 6 weeks   Males at 7 weeks  Pups at 7 weeks

3/31/18:  Puppy pictures at 6 weeks old.  

3/14/18: Here are a few pics of the pups starting to spend some time outside, both with Splash and
on their own.    

3/9/18: Here are some new pictures of the pups at two weeks.  

Update 2/20/18:  One day pictures

Update 2/19/18:  Splash had her litter today and ended up with 8 pups, 3 males and 5 females.  
Here are a
few pictures.