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K2 Litter, Born 10/26/17, Speck X Doc
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Current list order, picked pups, and dog names

1. Gosch - female5, Gosch's
2. Tom H. - female4, Gosch's Kleo
3. Tim H. - female1, Gosch's Kori
4. Rilee W. - female2, Gosch's
5. Lee P. - female3, Gosch's Kimber

1.  Colby L. - Male2, Gosch's Kash
2. Karen A. - Male1, Gosch's Kalle
3. Rusty G. - Male3, Gosch's

Update 12/7/17:  
The pups got their first shots and checkup today and everything checked out

Update 12/5/17:  Video of the pups at almost 6 weeks.  Male1  Male2  Male3  Female1
 Female3  Female4  Female5   New Pictures

Update 11/17/17:  The pups got their first taste of the outside world today, they didn't think a lot
of it, but mom was there to smooth things over.  Here are some
pics at 3 weeks.

Update 11/7/2017: Here are some pics at almost two weeks old.  

Update 10/26/17:  
Speck's litter arrived today starting at midnight last night and she was done
around 1:00PM this afternoon.  She had 11, but one female was born dead and she had two really
small pups that are not looking good at this point.  She has 5 females and 3 males that are looking
female that was born dead.  She had several that had 2 hours plus in between pups.  Over the next
couple days I will be going over the list and nailing it down.  
Pictures added 9/27.