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J2 Litter, Born 6/7/17, Splash X Trooper
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1. Greg T. - Female2, Gosch's Jellybean   
2. Beth H. - female3,  Gosch's Jasmine in Bloom  
3. Truman S. - female1, Shipping around August 2, Gosch's Juniper  

1. Doug R. - Male2, Gosch's Joey
2. Richard L. - male5 July 29th at 9:00 AM, Gosch's Journey  
3. Joe S. - male4, coming August 10, Gosch's Jumpin Jack Flash
4. Rick T. - male1,  Gosch's Jägermeister
5. Antony T. - male3, shipping in early August

"J" Names that have been used before:

Gosch's Jenny
Gosch's Jammin in the Wind
Gosch's Jamie Sue
Gosch's Jasmine Ivy
Gosch's Jagend Nixie
Gosch's Jager
Gosch's Jumpshooting Deke
Gosch's Jeweled Treasure
Gosch's Jezebel

Please let me know if you have a "J" name you would prefer for your pup.

Update 7/11/2017:  All pups are spoken for unless someone backs out late.

Update 7/8/17:  The pickup day will be on July 29th at 9:00 AM.  This is the first Saturday after
they turn 7 weeks old.  If you can't make it on this day or you are shipping you will have to let me
know your top choices ahead of time.  

Update 7/4/17:  There are three males available, all the females are sold.  Here are some individual
pictures at 4 weeks old.

Update 6/27/17:  Puppies are still available.  Here are some pictures at around 3 weeks old.

Update 6/13/17:  We have one female and a couple males available from this litter.  

Update 6/07/17:  Splash had her litter early this morning.  She had 8 pups, 3 females and 5 males.
I am going through the list to which puppies are still available.  
Puppy Pictures.  

Update 5/17/17:  Splash's ultrasound showed several pups and they are due June 4 or so.  She is
starting to get big so we are looking good for her.

Update 5/4/17:  Splash is off her food a bit this week which is usually a good sign, but we are
waiting for the ultrasound which will be in mid-May.   
Splash (roan)
Trooper (Wolfsburg Ember)