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Gosch's H2 Litter, Pistol X Zandor, born 9/29/16
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Here are some videos of Speck and Pistol's litters.  Speck females.  Speck Males 1, 2, and 3.  
10/31/16: Video of the pups at 5 weeks.

10/30/16:  We have one female available from Speck's litter after someone preferred to wait for a
roan female.  All males are sold.
Here are some pics of the pups at 5 weeks (4 weeks Pistol's

10/24/16:  I have some short videos of the pups.  The second one includes the male from Pistol's
Update 9/29/16:  Pistol had her litter today and as expected she had a small litter of one male