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Gosch's D2 Litter, Splash X Trooper, Born 9/20/2015
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Update 11/1/15:  Individual Pictures at 6 weeks.  Videos: Males      Females 2,4,6   Females 1,3,5

Update 10/25/15: 5 week pics and video.  Females Video,  Males Video,  Misc Pictures at 5

These are individual videos of each puppy at 5 weeks.  This is the first time each pup has been
alone without the others.  

Female1   Female2   Female 3  Female4  Female5   Female6   Male1   Male2    Male3   Male4   

Update 10/22/15: A few pics at 4.5 weeks old

Current list (updated 10/18/15):
1. Matt M., Female 1, Gosch's Duchess Sage
2. Paul K., Female 6, Gosch's Darlin Bittie
3. Frank and Pam F., Female 3, Gosch's Derg Molly
4. Ryan B., Female 2, Gosch's Driven Henna
5. Johanna H., Female 4, Gosch's Dee Dee
6. James K., Female 5, Gosch's

1. Todd S., Male 1, Gosch's Denali
2. Diane W., Male 3, Gosch's Darn It!
3. Jeff A., Male 2, Gosch's Der Hirsch Jaeger
4. Marc W., Male 4, Gosch's Drake

It appears that one female will be brown and white and all the rest of the pups will be some type of
roan.  If the new owner of a pup wants to help come up with the registered name that is fine (we
must approve it), but it must start with the letter "D," it can't be one we have used before (list of
used names is below), and must follow the following format:


Update 10/12: Some pics at three weeks old.  This is a short video that shows the pups running
around a bit.  The lighting is poor and there is background noise, but you can seee them running
around.  There are two females and two males still available.

Update 10/3: Individual puppy pictures at two weeks old.

Update 9/26: Puppy pictures at one week old.

Update 9/24:  After going through my list I have males and females still available.  Pups are
$1000.  Please
contact me if you are interested or have more questions.  

Update 9/20/15:  Splash had her litter of 6 females and 4 males today.  

Pictures at 3 hours old.

Here is a little info about Trooper written by his owner, Ron Hines:

Trooper is the first SM I have owned, but it has been very enjoyable.  He has taught me many
things during our training and hunting time.  Trooper is a natural hunter.  He points, loves to retrieve,
and his nose is very good.  He scored a maximum score of 112 on the NAVHDA Natural Ability
Test on his first try.  He even retrieved the pheasant back to me over 100 yards on the tracking
portion of the test.  He is always eager to go hunting and can go all day.  He is very diligent on
wounded birds and we lose very few with him.  We have hunted primarily pheasants, quail, and
some grouse.  I have worked with him on ducks, but have only taken him one time and we didn't
shoot any that day.  He was well behaved in the blind and at the end of the day retrieved a decoy
after smelling them all and not finding any real ducks.  Trooper is not only a pleasure to hunt with,
but is very much a part of the household and a joy to spend time with in any setting.
Splash (roan)