Gosch's C2 Litter, Nikki X Lucky, Born 5/13/15
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Update: 7/4/15:  All the pups from the current litter are sold.  

Update 6/28/15:  
Video of the pups at 6 weeks old.

Pics from 4 weeks old

Update 6/11/15:  Short video at 4 weeks old.

Pics at two weeks.

Pics at 2 days old.

Update May 13, 2015:  Nikki had her litter today.  She had one female and two males.  I am
planning on keeping the female and both males are spoken for.

Sophie was bred last week so we are hoping for another litter on July 9th or so.  I will keep
everyone on my list and see what happens for Sopie's litter.